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IkapaPlaces is partnering with the amazing Seven Colours Eatery, owned and operated by Chef Nolukhanyo Dube-Cele and located at Battery Park in the V&A Waterfront’s Canal District. Enjoy a scrumptious local ‘seven colours’ meal of South African cuisine and listen to the astonishing history of Cape Town, narrated by Gerald Garner. A mesmerizing experience that puts Cape Town’s history in the context of International, African, and South African affairs that shaped the city. It will give you remarkable insight into Cape Town and help you understand the city of today and what it could become in future.

Private group bookings:
Private bookings can be made for any date of your choice, subject to availability. We charge a minimum fee of R7250 (up to 10 guests) or R725 per person if you are more than 10 guests.

Gerald’s storytelling is mesmerizing, intense, engaging, and thought-provoking. Themed as ‘The Reluctant City Reconsidered’, the storytelling provides historical context to the Cape Town of today, and asks how the city will morph into the future, during its current rapid urbanisation.

It unpacks the contested history of Cape Town, from the time when Africa was wide, open and free, all the way to the period of Portuguese seafaring, settlement of the Dutch East India Company and the eventual Scramble for Africa, which resulted in the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War and the imprisonment of King Cetshwayo at the Cape Caste. He then takes the audience through the British occupation and expansion during the Industrial Revolution, the war for control of gold, and the formation of the Union of South Africa by 1910.

Gerald then marches the audience through the troubled times of the 1st and 2nd World Wars and untangles how Cape Town became the Apartheid City of the 1960s, moving on to the struggle against Apartheid and the dawn of democracy. All along, he explains how world- and local politics shaped the city physically. He ends with a powerful analysis of the Cape Town of today and the future city it could become.

Chef Nolu described “seven colours” cuisine as popular in her culture. “It came about as a nickname for the meals dished to guests and family members each time we gather for family events,” she explains. “For us it is common to have red beetroot, yellow rice, multi-coloured vegetable dishes and brown meat dishes all overflowing from the same plate. This makes for a delicious rainbow food experience synonymous with wholesome, soul food, home, community and togetherness. This is South African food, inspired by my upbringing and many South African cooks.”

First course:
Amarostile (Roosterkoek) and Dombolo (Steamed Bread) with Chakalaka.

Second course:
Isityu (Meat ‘Portjie’: fall of the bone meat stews)
Cape-Malay Pulled Chicken
Isaladi Yamazimba (Red Sorghum Salad)
Umfino (Maize Pap with Green Leafy Vegetables, drizzled with Olive Oil)
Retro-crunch Coleslaw
Pickled Beets
Ushantini (Salsa)

Third course:
Cinnamon-dusted Amagwinya (Vetkoek)
Milk Tart Cups

6:30pm: Arrival and drinks
6:45pm: First meal course (breads)
7:00pm: First storytelling
7:40pm: Second meal course (Seven Colours Meal)
8:30pm: Second storytelling
9:10pm: Third meal course
9:30pm: Conclusion of Storytelling
9:45pm: Guests linger for drinks and mingling.

To make a bookings, send a whatsapp to 082 894 5216 or email to

We will respond with booking details. Prepayment essential to secure a seat at the table.


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