Directions for JoburgPlaces


Most of our JoburgPlaces tours start at the JoburgPlaces Hub at JSE Newtown.  A confirmation letter with directions will be sent to you when booking.

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS AND DO NOT JUST TYPE IN AN ADDRESS ON YOUR GPS as it may take you right through the middle of town where one-way streets, bus lanes blocking intersections etc can send you on a mad journey of driving in circles! We have also seen that some GPS apps (such as Ways) have the street numbers incorrect.


Directions to the the old Johannesburg Stock Exchange
(JSE Newtown) at corner Prichard and Diagonal Street (17 Diagonal):

The easiest way to drive there from the north:

Take the M1 South and the M2 East

Take the Rissik Street offramp into the city.

Drive along Rissik past Gandhi Square and the old Post Office & City Hall, until you get to the intersection with Prichard Street.

TURN LEFT into Pritchard Street.

Drive along Pritchard crossing Loveday/City Hall, Harrison, Simmonds and Pixley Seme streets. Once you get to the crossing with Diagonal Street, the building is on your right.

If you come by Uber or Bolt, simply get out on the corner of Pritchard & Diagonal Street and walk to the building entrance through the little lush park. Security will direct you from the door to our JoburgPlaces tourism lounge.

If you are coming by car, the building has paid public underground parking. In Pritchard, cross Diagonal Street and drive towards the T-Junction with Ntemi Piliso Street. Turn RIGHT into Ntemi Piliso and at the traffic light in front of Turbine Hall turn right into the slipway with red bollards (small poles) leading to the underground parking entrance of JSE Newtown.

Note that the parking can only be paid in cash as you leave the parking lot, 4 hours cost R30. Be sure to have at least R40 cash with you for in case if you are planning to drive and park.

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