In Joburg we offer three different options for private storytelling dinners:

  1. Private Penthouse in Maboneng
  2. Private room in a restaurant of your choice.
  3. Historic Red Room at JSE Newtown.


A JoburgPlaces Storytelling Lunch or Dinner involves captivating storytelling by Charlie Moyo, detailing the history of Johannesburg in its 7-phases of development. It provides you with a comprehensive overview and thorough understanding of the city. From the 1886 goldrush, and the history that preceded that, all the way through to the Anglo Boer War, the city during the Union, the advent of apartheid and the struggle against that. Including the rapid decline of the city during the 1980s sanctions against apartheid and on to the advernt of democracy, the regerneration of the old city and the birth of the newer Sandton. Up till current day Johannesburg with its incredibly diverse, migrant population.


1. Maboneng Penthouse
For groups of 20 or less, we can easily host you in a private penthouse in Maboneng for a stunning event, including food and storytelling.

The menu involves a delectable ‘Sidla Sonke’ (We eat together) meal of traditional South African food. The meal is presented in bowls in the centre of the table from where guests can dish up into their own plates, enjoying a wide variety of flavours and aromas. The menu includes the following:

Cape-Malay inspired fish curry
South African Apricot-infused lamb stew
African beef stew
Chinese chicken chow men
Chickpea stew with red kidney beans, samp, coconut milk, turmeric and paprika (Vegan)
Turmeric-stained yellow rice (Vegan)
African Dombolo (steamed bread) (Vegan)
African ipapa/sadza infused with tomato and spinach (Vegan)
Crunchy Coleslaw (Vegan)
Chakalaka (Vegan)
Green salad (Vegan)
Mango sorbet with pickled ginger and coconut milk (Vegan)
Malva pudding with custard
Cape Malay Koeksisters

In the case of a penthouse lunch or dinner at Fox Street Studios in Maboneng, typical costs for a group of 16 would be as follows:
Venue hire: R4000
Catering: R525 x 16 = R8400
Table setup and rental items (cutlery, crockery, glasses etc): R90 x 16 = R1440
Storytelling & hosting: R5500
Waiter service: R660
Total: R20 000

The minimum fee for hosting a private storytelling lunch or dinner in the penthouse is R15 000, regardless of the number of guests.

Note that it is a private penthouse and as such the venue does not have a liquor license. For this reason, guests can bring their own drinks along (wine, beer, spirits, softdrinks, waters etc). We will of course be happy to keep these in the fridge and to serve/pour for you.

2. Private room in a restaurant of your choice
We can book a private room for you in a restaurant of your choice. Various options can be considered such as Marble in Rosebank or Basalt at the Peech Hotel in Melrose. In this case you will pay the restaurant directly for your booking, including any venue hire that may apply, plus food and drinks. We will charge you for the storytelling part.

Our fee is a minimum of R2600 for storytelling for a group of up to 7 guests. Or R330 per person if you are more than 7 guests.


3. Historic Red Room at JSE Newtown
The historic traders bar, where stock exchange traders queued at 10am in the morning for double gin & tonics before trading commenced is nowadays available for event bookings. It is perfect for a larger group storytelling dinner, such as a 50th birthday celebration of a corporate function.

It is a warm, comfy and intimate bar with linked dining room, perfect for events of up to 90 guests (seated dinner service) or 120 (canape service). Venue hire of R17 250 per full day applies. Additional charges for storytelling, staff services, catering, drinks service, furniture hire, decor etc. We will prepare a quote and proposal for you on request.


To make a booking, send a WhatsApp to +27 894 5216 or email to

Please do not phone as we are mostly busy hosting guests. Send a message and we will contact you as soon as is possible. We will respond to your booking request and provide an online payment link for you to pay by bank card to secure the booking.
Guests participate in all LocalPlaces – JoburgPlaces events at their own risk. Neither JoburgPlaces, nor its hosts or guides, accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, accident or death that may occur while participating in a tour or event such as a lunch or dinner, whether in a public or a private space.
A booking is only secured upon payment.
Provisional bookings will automatically be cancelled if not paid within 48 hours from making a booking.
Bookings cannot be cancelled once paid for any reason whatsoever and no refunds will be offered for cancelled bookings.
Bookings can be postponed to another date if postponed more than 30 days in advance of the booked date.
However, bookings cannot be postponed for any reason whatsoever within 30 days of the tour date, as we would lose the opportunity to take another booking for that slot.

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