Both Gerald Garner and Charlie Moyo are available for public speaking engagements. Whether it is a large conference, a business team event or an intimate gathering of friends or family, we provide the edge with though-provoking and perspective-altering storytelling.

Choose from the following options:

An overview of the history of Joburg; a city that was rebuilt six times in 12 decades and that is now undergoing a 7th transformation. This fascinating presentation not only explains the history and shaping of the city in depth, but also provides insight into its contemporary urban culture and what the city could become in future.

The story of Johannesburg’s fast development in the 20th century is the story of South Africa’s industrialisation, including introduction and eventual destruction of Apartheid. It is an astonishing story, perfect for anyone who wants to understand the gist of the forces that has shaped the South Africa today. It appeals to both local and foreign audiences.

Ideal duration: two slots of 45 minutes each
Condensed option: 1 hour

This talk delves into the future of the city, asking how Johannesburg could change and adapt. Starting of with the 2020 Covid Pandemic as a catalyst for alternative urban living, it investigates how the inner-city holds the future of Johannesburg and how greater Joburg could be reshaped to become a more liveable thriving and inclusive metropolis of the future.

Ideal duration: 1 hour with 20 minutes for audience discussion afterwards.

This talk delves into the history of Cape Town over the past 1000 years, but with the core focus on the 2nd Industrial Revolution of the 1870s and how Cape Town soon became the focal point of the Scramble for Africa. It puts the Cape Town story in the international context and explains how global and local politics shaped the city into what it is today. It ends with a glimpse into the Cape Town of the future.

Ideal duration: two slots of 45 minutes each
Condensed option: 1 hour

Cape Town is at the cusp. It could become the city of the future. A place with immense potential that could show the way for South African and African cities. It is at the brink of mass migration and urbanisation. A significant influx of people is expected during the next decade and beyond.

Yet, the city suffers from a housing crisis and carries the scars of structured apartheid more so than any other South African city. How could Cape town morph and adapt to become the diverse African city it deserves to be, a jewel on the African continent?

This talk deals with a new vision for Cape Town (and South African society at large), creating a more compact and integrated urban megalopolis with a strong core that is inclusive, diverse, and exciting.

Ideal duration: 1 hour with 20 minutes for audience discussion afterwards.

Taking aspects of our Joburg and Cape Town stories, this talk presents an overview of the forces, powers and politics that shaped South Africa as a country through its past and into what it has become today. And asks what the future holds.

Ideal duration: 1 hour with 20 minutes for audience discussion afterwards.

A minimum fee of R8500 excluding VAT applies per speaker for any public engagement (audiences of up to 35 guests). Talks can be given by either Gerald or Charlie, or a combination of both.

For medium sized groups of more than 35 guests and up to 50 guests we charge R240 excluding VAT per person. A group of 50 guests would therefore cost R12 000 excluding VAT.

For large groups (more than 50 guests), we charge a flat fee of R12 000 excl VAT. plus R100 excl VAT for each person in addition to the first 50.

For extra large groups (more than 100 guests), we charge a flat fee of R19 000 excl VAT, regardless of the number of guests.

Transport, travel time, and accommodation, where applicable, charged separately.

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A tour or public speaking booking is only secured upon payment.

Provisional bookings will automatically be cancelled if not paid within 48 hours from making a booking.

Bookings cannot be cancelled once paid for any reason whatsoever and no refunds will be offered for cancelled bookings.

Bookings can be postponed to another date if postponed more than 30 days in advance of the booked date. However, bookings cannot be postponed for any reason whatsoever within 30 days of the tour date, as we would lose the opportunity to take another booking for that slot.

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